PDS Technology is Digital Drilling

Powerline Drill String Technology will transform the drilling industry and deliver an Integrated Downhole Drilling System for real-time decision making, drilling digitalization and automation.

Picking up where others have failed, we developed an integrated downhole system to take full advantage of high bandwidth telemetry as a result of power from the surface. The current limited usage of existing telemetry systems shows that adding only telemetry to existing downhole systems may not have delivered the expected benefits.

Why the digital drilling revolution has yet to take place?

A competitive system must be able to successfully replace existing services such as directional drilling, logging while drilling, and drilling dynamics monitoring while creating additional value by reducing overall well construction cost.

How can we make this revolution happen?

Provide an integrated downhole drilling system, combing downhole sensors and actuators that take full advantage of high speed bi-directional communication using surface powered PDS Technology.

Focusing on these key factors, it is possible to significantly reduce the complexity of downhole tools by eliminating batteries, downhole power generators and limited pulsing tools, to increase tool life 10 fold. Operating costs are greatly reduced by limiting the number of redundant on-site tools, logistics and maintenance.

Downhole tools are reduced to remote sensing devices, whereas all data processing at the surface is analyzed with unlimited processing power. Results can be immediately used to control the drilling process, thus making the vision of drilling automation a reality.

Using highly cost effective downhole tools hinders redundancy, avoiding tripping for downhole tool failures and increasing overall system reliability.

Cooling is possible via the surface power supply, allowing us to:

  1. reliably operate tools up to 225°C (437°F) using conventional 175°C (347°F) rated electronics.
  2. use 120°C (248°F) rated automotive electronics to operate above 150°C (302°F) to lower cost and significantly expand the choice of available electronics and measurement devices.

We believe in an open architecture. Our philosophy is to provide open interfaces and support industry standards.

  1. The data from PDS technology is easily integrated with rig control systems.
  2. We will provide a PDS Integration Sub and PDS Enabling Services to support third party tool vendors and provide them with bi-directional communication and surface power supply.
What does the basic PDS Integrated Downhole Drilling System offer?

The System offers everything a client needs to perform directional drilling, understand the behavior of your drill string and pressure with “along-string-measurements” to assess the formation with gamma rays and a resistivity logs.

How can the large volume of data be managed?

We are real-time data processing and analysis specialists, having processed more than 40,000 wells for our global clients with our unique proNova Technology. We are the technology leader for automated operations recognition and drilling efficiency measurement, with resulting quality being our key differentiator.

PDS Technology will utilize our unique data processing and analysis capabilities to measure existing drilling performance gaps and deliver results which can be put into action. PDS data processing results support drilling personnel as a Drilling Advisory System or directly feed into the rig control system, depending on the level of available rig automation technology.

How will PDS Technology be delivered?

In TDE Group we are uniquely positioned to bring drilling into the digital age. We combine skill sets in drilling and drilling analytics, software development, mechanical engineering, automation, and embedded systems to deliver a truly integrated solution with a highly flexible and agile team.

PDS Technology eliminates a client’s need for multiple technologies and service providers combing the assets of TDE Group into a fully integrated service. We will provide a one-stop solution for our partners and clients.

What is the future of PDS Technology after its release to the wide market?

PDS Technology will enable the development of new tools which are only possible with high bandwidth data and surface power supply, such as downhole kick detection, 4D caliper and seismic while drilling. Watch for more news to come!

How does PDS Technology create value?

Having processed more than 40,000 wells allows us to identify the performance gap, that we can then directly address with PDS Technology.

Powerline Drill String Technology Performance Improvement Potential

In summary PDS Integrated Downhole Drilling System will:

Significantly reduce operating costs

Provide real-time condition monitoring to optimize and automate drilling (ASM)

Improve directional control (MWD)

Improve formation evaluation (LWD)

At a competitive price